Janja Širovnik, Ph.D candidate at the University of Bern in Switzerland is participating in an STSM at the University of Wageningen in Holland. She will analyze the data of a preliminary study on the effects of light during incubation on keel bone development with project leaders Dr. Florian Muyres and Dr. Bas Rodenburg. Furthermore, Janja will prepare a project proposal of reducing keel bone damage through optimizing incubation and early-life conditions.


Visiting the research facility to assess hens.


Left picture: Measuring the size of keel bones stained with alizarin red and alcian blue. Photo: Sharon van Schaijk: Right picture: A developing chicken stained with alizarin red and alcian blue to show skeletal elements. Ossificated bones are represented with red color and cartilage with blue. Photo: The Atlas of Chick Development by Bellairs and Osmond (1998), published by Academic Press (New York); ISBN 0-12-084790-6.