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Keel Bone Damage Training School, Zagreb, Croatia, April 29th 2020

The Keel Bone Damage (KBD) Training School will be held at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Agriculture, Croatia on… read more »


Invitation for contribution to special Issue “Sustainable Organic Agriculture for Developing the Agribusiness Sector”

Dr. Nikola Puvaca (University Business Academy in Novi Sad, Novi Sad, Serbia) is inviting you to contribute to Special Issue… read more »


Application open for Keel Bone Damage Training School, 10th October

Register now for the Keel Bone Damage (KBD) Training School in Novi Sad, Serbia on October 10th. Application deadline: August… read more »


New PhD position at the University of Bern

We are currently looking to recruit for a 3 year PhD position focusing on comparison and development of behavioural observation… read more »

Keelbone damage lecture for poultry producers in Slovakia

On Tuesday, November 27th, annual seminar of the Union of the Slovak Poultry Producers took place at the foot of High Tatra mountains in the Grand Hotel Permon, Podbanské, Slovakia. Among other international and Slovak speakers, dr. Michael Toscano from the University of Bern, Switzerland, gave invited talk about “Keelbone damage in laying hens – consequences for welfare and economics”. With interpretation helped another COST action member, dr. Ľubor Koštál from the Centre of Biosciences, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovakia. The talk elicited discussion and we believe that it will also help to establish valuable contacts for future collaboration.