Projects – Brief summary topics

First NameLast NameBrief summary topicsStatusRecommendation Number*
Alejandro Rodriguez Navarro Improvement of bone quality/ lowering the incidence of osteoporosis in laying hens Ongoing 1
Alexandra Harlander Effects of KBD on behaviour expression and locomotion skills. Ongoing 1; 9
Ariane Stratmann Effect of prolonged dusk duration in aviaries on falls and KBD. Ongoing 7
Bas Rodenburg Automatic measurement of hen activity Ongoing 4; 5; 6; 7; 8
Bas Rodenburg Effect of early-life conditions on keel bone development Being Proposed 4; 5; 6; 7; 8
Beryl Eusemann Methods to follow the progress of KBD in live hens Ongoing 1
Chaozong Liu Bone mineral density and fracture Being Proposed
Charles Saliba The effects of keel bone damage on egg production Ongoing 8
Christina Rufener Effects of keel bone fractures on individual productivity Ongoing 9
Christina Rufener Effects of keel bone fractures on individual mobility / Ongoing 1
Christina Rufener Effect of perch positioning and characteristics on risk for KBF Ongoing 2;7
Christine Nicol Role of omega-3 in KBD Being Proposed 8
Christopher Gerpe Animal welfare during depopulation of end of lay hens Ongoing 1; 5; 7
Evangelia Sossidou Epidemiology of KBD, Health risk factors to KBD Being Proposed 2; 3; 4; 5; 7; 8; 9
Francesca Booth Housing for high welfare in laying hens Ongoing 1; 2; 7; 9
Frank Tuyttens KBD in hens housed in mobile units with free-range access. Effect of KBD on activity. Being Proposed 1; 7
Ian Dunn Providing methods to improve bone quality in laying hens Ongoing 3; 6; 8
Janice Siegford Providing methods to improve bone quality in laying hens Ongoing 3; 6; 8
Jasper Heerkens Effect of ramps and hybrid on bone quality Being Proposed 3; 6; 7
Jens Peter Christensen Prevalence of KBF in different production systems Ongoing 7
Jens Peter Christensen Pathogenesis of fractures Being Proposed 2; 3; 4; 6
John Tarlton Activity, bone strength, accelerometers, ranging, diet, production, behaviour, genetics Ongoing 3; 5; 6; 7; 9 ;7
Jorgen Nyberg Larsen Prevalence in Denmark Being Proposed 2; 3; 6; 7
Lisa Jung Recording reliability, automatic recording Ongoing 1; 3; 7; 9
Maja Makagon Behavior, impacts experienced at the keel and risk of damage Ongoing 2; 7
Manja Zupan Monitoring the prevalence, housing systems, Ongoing 7
Michael Toscano Keel bone damage in furnished cages; quantifying collision energies Ongoing 2; 3; 5; 7
Michael Toscano Assessing 5 genetic hen lines fracture susceptibility with impact testing protocol Ongoing 7
Michael Toscano Similarities between rearing and laying facilities in relation to movement, falls, and bone health Being Proposed 4;7
Michael Toscano Arresting egg production and the effect on fracture susceptibility Being Proposed 4; 8; 9
Mirjana Djukic Stojcic Effect of nutrition and housing system on keel bone damage Being Proposed 7; 8
Nikki Mackie Effects of housing design on keel bone damage Ongoing 7
Sabine Gebhardt-Henrich Prevalence of keel bone damage in broiler breeders / keel bone damage and bone properties. Ongoing 7
Sabine Gebhardt-Henrich Relationship fractures and egg-laying 9
Steffen Weigend Effects of phylogenetic origin on bone stability in layers Ongoing 6
Stephanie Buijs Effects of behaviour (indoor/outdoor) on fracture risk and bone quality Ongoing 1; 2; 4
Victoria Sandilands Multi tier vs flat deck effects on KBD and production Ongoing 7
Zlata Kralik Effects of nutrition of keel bone on egg production Being Proposed 8
Zlatko Janjecic The effect of different sources of Ca on bone strength of laying hens Being Proposed 8

* A recently published paper following the 2014 International Keel Bone Damage Workshop listed nine specific recommendations for future research.  Numbers in this column indicate which of these recommendations the project is related.  The published paper is available here: <>.